Gyms or Libraries?

Universities are the higher education institutions, and the term ‘education’ predetermines the main purpose and goal of a university: to give profound knowledge of a discipline. Studying at universities often means to most of us spending much time on reading as much as possible books in huge libraries. The libraries have to be well equipped and stuffed with the bulks of course books and other material. Usually, university sport activities are less important compared to course studies. Nevertheless, they must not be ignored due to several reasons, such as providing students with the opportunity to relax, engaging students into useful activity and solving the problem of obesity among students.

First, very often students need relaxation even more than working people. During the preparation to exams, after long hours of continuous study, student’s back becomes dumb and starts aching and student’s head is full of confusing and disturbing thoughts. Sport is a great solution to all of these effects. If I were a head of my university, I would construct a well-equipped gym just next to the library, so that the students could exercise there everytime they are tired of studying: sitting in one position. Every student needs to release tension in order to continue studying effectively. Everyone knows that studying is the primary purpose of going to university, but the body must be considered along with the mind.

If students sit in the library and classrooms day after day with no exercise or social interaction, they will surely suffer from their studies. A student who spends a few hours a week involved in a club – that is, a club for a hobby like dance – will be refreshed both physically and mentally. Thus, the refreshed student will be able to continue his or her touch schedule of attending classes, studying and completing assignments. Students with no outside interests will eventually use up all of their energy, which they need to study.

Second, many students are bored during the terms and look for interesting activities to be engaged in. Some students prefer anticipating in social activities, some of them work and some students do nothing and lead boring life. Sport is a kind of very useful and nice activity, which enables students to learn social skills that will certainly help them later in life. By playing sports at university, students can obviously develop a team spirit and a sense of responsibility; thus, they can create good personal relations with others.

Third, the obesity problem of young people is widely discussed all around the world. The process of studying requires sedentary lifestyle. Along with obesity, constant sitting can lead to a number of problems, such as spine disorders, heart disorders. It is a well-known truth that sport helps much instruggling with overweight. That is why visiting a gym must be highly encouraged and promoted.

To sum up, students’ sport activities are hardly less important than libraries and thus, must be also sponsored. Students’ life is a full of boring study sedentary life. Therefore, it is crucial for them to relax after hard study, exercise their bodies after training their brains and go in for sports to get rid of extra weight.